4 Motorcycle Myths You Must Stop Believing

Riders Just Wear Leather to Look Cool

Leather does give riders the cool factor and provides an edge to any outfit. But riders do not just wear leather to look cool. Leather is worn because it gives the most road-rash protection to riders while remaining flexible. When it comes to rider protection, leather is the norm and way to go.

  1. Motorcycle Helmets Break Necks

Motorcycle helmets do not break necks. Instead they absorb the shock your neck will face in a crash. Those who wear helmets suffer less neck injuries than those who don’t wear one. Protect your life by wearing one and stop believing this myth once and for all.   

  1. Most Motorcycle Accidents Happen on The Freeway

Even though the freeway is where riders drive the fastest, most accidents do not happen on the freeway. Even though cars and motorcycles are traveling faster, every vehicle is traveling in the same direction and at around the same speed. In urban settings, drivers are passing in various directions and there’s a lot more stop and go that takes place. In urban settings you can be hit from behind or the side even when you aren’t moving.

  1. You Should Never Ride in the Rain

Motorcyclists are commonly told not to ride in the ride because it will rust their bike, road is too slippery, and you can’t stay dry. Thanks to innovation these concerns are no longer a worry. Today bikes are treated for rust protection and motorcycle tires have much better grip than ever before. Even motorcycle gear has improved and is much more waterproof. Riding in the rain still requires more precaution, but shouldn’t prevent you from riding.





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