Top 5 Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle

We all know riding a motorcycle costs less than a car, saves you money at the pump and lessens the headache of parking. Below are five more reasons to ride which you may have never thought of.

1. Not Many Will Ask You for Rides

In general the chances of anybody asking you for a ride is slim. The chances of being asked for a ride to the airport or to help someone move is even less than that. If helping others move is one of your least favorite deeds, do yourself a favor and get that motorcycle.


2. You Can Finally Wear all the Harley Davidson You Want

Whether you’re a motorcyclist or not, we all seem to go to Harley Davidson just to look. Some of us even have more Harley Davidson gear than actual riders do. Once you finally have that motorcycle you’ll no longer have to hear your wife or girlfriend nagging you about your Harley Davidson stash. I’m sure you’re tired of hearing “why do you have the boots, jacket, sunglasses, and helmet but not the bike.”


3. More Opportunities to Get Cozy With Your Passenger

Next time a girl you like is in need a ride tell her to skip Uber and opt for your Lyft services instead. When you want them to hold you a bit tighter just break a bit faster.


4. More Defined Arms and Tighter Abdominals

Depending on how fast you break, your passenger will probably tell you the next day that their arms are sore from holding you so tight. Whether you’re in the front or back seat, riding works out your abdominals, biceps, triceps and much more. Now when they ask if you’ve been working out you can answer “why yes I have.”


5. Free Therapist

Because riders rarely have to give others rides, they spent a lot of time alone. This allows riders to escape their problems and release endorphins to boost their mood. Next time you’re grumpy you may just need a prescription for a riding session.





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