8 Memes Only Motorcyclists Will Understand

Let’s face it, motorcyclists are an interesting group. We enjoy the sweet sound of revving engines. We hibernate with our motorcycles in the garage when it rains – don’t judge. Bottom line, we love to ride and enjoy it even more with a group of friends.

1. Who needs a girlfriend anyways?

58897559Source: memecdn.com

2. No back up camera needed here

Source: imgur.com

3. That’s one way to wear a helmet

Source: diylol.com

4. We just want to be assured that our bike is ready for top speed action

Source: bikebandit.com

5. Popping the clutch and slipping the clutch are two very different thing

Source: pinimg.com

6. Our Harley gets us through a bad day, rough night, and break up better than any therapist ever could

Source: imgflip.com

7. Riding a motorcycle is a great deal of fun, but it is a lot more fun with friends

Source: quotesgram.com

8. Who says you can’t carry luggage in style while riding? 

Meanwhile on the way to the airportSource: jokideo.com





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